Tunisian Version of Prayer Shawl

Jane Rimmer


Finished size approximately 26 x 60

Note:  Pattern is worked along the length of the shawl


Materials needed:

Afghan (Tunisian) hook size L, M or N

Approximately 24 oz of worsted weight yarn

            4 6oz skeins, or 3 8oz skeins

tapestry needle to work in ends, if desired


Stitches used:



Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS) aka Basic Afghan Stitch (BAS):

Skip 1st vertical bar, insert hook from right to left under the next vertical bar, yarn over (yo) and pull up a loop,

leaving all loops on hook pick up a loop in each bar to end

return:  yo, pull through 1 loop, * yo, pull through 2 loops to end


 Tunisian Double:

Skip 1st vertical bar, yo, insert hook under next vertical bar, yo and pull through,

yo and pull through 2 loops leaving a loop on the hook, return as for TSS



 Chain 60

Working into back bump of turning chain, pick up a loop in 2nd chain from hook, and in each chain to end,

 leaving all loops on hook.  return

Rows 2 5: Tunisian double

Row 6: TSS

Repeat rows 2 6 for pattern




Tip for Tunisian Crochet - submitted by: Esther Paris

When working Tunisian crochet, starting and ending with a
SMALLER hook size than the body of the work reduces curling of
the final piece



Another Tip for the Tunisian Crochet - From "Crochetmum "- Nancy in Canada

Here is a tip that works for me when doing Tunisian crocheting
the first row after the chain row I do the purl stitch ( which can be find in the Stitch Guide) this help
your shawl not to roll up when working on it. I also use a smaller size hook to do the first 2 rows than
change to the big hook
example: use 8:mm first than change to the 9:mm hook
this is just an ideal that is all but it works for me
Good Luck all and happy crocheting.



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