Pink Shawl*

Pattern by: Joanne Zabielski
St. Bernadette Parish
Orchard, Park, NY

* This pattern has NOT been tested

Joanne writes: "#15 knitting needles
2-3 balls each of 2 different yarns -
For this shawl I like to use for breast cancer patients or survivors…the two-tone pink gives it the color for “The Cure”. Or, feel free to use any colors you want.
Caron One Pound Worsted Weight 4 ply Soft Pink
2 skeins Bernat – Baby Coordinates Color – Pink 09412 (it’s a deep pink-blends beautifully with the Soft Pink) 0 Sports Weight – Tricot

Using 2 strands of color together cast on 64 stitches loosely.
Rows 1-6 Knit across
Row 7 (wrong side) Knit 5, (Knit 2 together) 3 times. *(yarn over, knit 1) 6 times, (knit 2 together) 6 times; repeat from * once more, (yarn over, knit 1) 6 times, (knit 2 together 3 times), knit 5.
Row 8: Knit across
Row 9: Knit 5, purl 54, Knit 5
Row 10: Knit across.
In finishing shawl after measuring 59" - follow Row 7 instructions.
End with Rows 1-6. Bind off all stitches and weave in ends.
FRINGE: Cut 10" strands of both yarns together, place a knot stitch in each loop across on both ends."


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