Aroma Therapy


by Janet Bristow & Vicky Galo, 1998

Copyright 2019


One way to enhance the presentation of a shawl is to include a scented sachet, Ie:  oil dropped on a cotton ball, wrapped in netting, tied with yarn.


Although the fragrance of lavender is a nice, relaxing scent, we have, for your information, two lists of other fragrances.


The inclusion of a scented sachet is not recommended if the receiver of the shawl is sensitive to fragrances, is pregnant, undergoing chemotherapy, has emphysema or chronic respiratory issues. 



Ylang Ylang Relaxing                       Geranium Can be both Relaxing & Uplifting

Neroli - Relaxing                                 Lemon Can be both Relaxing & Uplifting

Clary Sage Relaxing                        Patchouli Relaxing

Rose Relaxing                                   Chamomile Relaxing

Jasmine Relaxing                             Vetiver - Relaxing



Chakra                        Color                               Scent


1st - Root                     Red                 Relaxing:  Cedarwood

Uplifting:  lavender


2nd - Sacral                 Orange            Relaxing:  amber

Uplifting:  rose geranium


3rd - Solar Plexis         Yellow             Relaxing:  rose

Uplifting:  bergamot


4th - Heart                   Green/Pink     Relaxing:  sandalwood

Uplifting:  honeysuckle


5th - Throat                 Blue                Relaxing:  hyacinth

Uplifting:  patchouli


6th - Third Eye             Indigo              Relaxing:  white musk

Uplifting:  violet


7th - Crown                  Violet               Relaxing:  bergamot

Uplifting:  amber


*Note:  These oils should not be taken internally or rubbed on the skin at any time.




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