The Shawl Journaling Page






Journaling is an important part of the 'shawl' making experience.

We encourage you to keep a 'journal' close-by to

jot down your thoughts and inspirations!


Each month we offer you a different quote and we

invite you to write your reflections in your journal.




"Gather your thoughts and feelings as you write your memories in your journal. They are like many different colors and textures of yarn that sometimes get knotted together. Write to straighten them out, to loosen their clinging together and their clinging to you. As you write your memories inside your journal, you are letting go, loosening your hold on the pain. You are making room for God."



—Pg. 39 A Pattern of Love and Forgiveness - Knitting, Praying, Forgiving by Cheryl Wunsch MEd RNCS





Thinking about the quote, express your ideas about what the colors and textures may look like to you.

Before they are knotted together ~ or, after they have strengthened out.


How does prayer shawl making bring you closer to God?







Take a moment to massage some lotion into your hands


 and thank them for all they do for you and others!




Thanks for stopping by!







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