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Journaling is an important part of the 'shawl' making experience.

We encourage you to keep a 'journal' close-by to

jot down your thoughts and inspirations!


Each month we offer you a different quote and we

invite you to write your reflections in your journal.




"...while I knit, I pray with all my heart. This gift will show you

God is there and ready to impart."


The Prayer Shawl: Wrapped in God's Love - by Susan Fitzsimonds



The Prayer Shawl - Wrapped in God's Love

Written by Susan Fitzsimonds

Illustrated by Mary Gregg Byrne


This month's quote is inspired by the book "The Prayer Shawl - Wrapped in God's Love


Is there a shawl that you've made that is especially meaningful?


For whom did you make that shawl and why is it so meaningful?



Record responses in your journal.







Take a moment to massage some lotion into your hands


 and thank them for all they do for you and others!




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