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Journaling is an important part of the 'shawl' making experience.

We encourage you to keep a 'journal' close-by to

jot down your thoughts and inspirations!


We offer quotes to inspire you and invite you to write reflections in your journal.




"…somewhere inside myself I crave more deeply a communion with nature,

with palpable works that emanate from the hands of God. I am woman…

I know how to pray with my hands. And I need for those prayers to connect me to the earth."

Susan Gordon Lydon - The Knitting Sutra


One of the challenges we face here in the northeast is snow!

For the past month we have been pummeled with snow on a weekly basis.

It seems like all we do is: dig-out and hibernate, only to do it all over again!

Not only can this take a toll on our psyche but, our bodies as well - specifically our hands.


This winter season take a moment to care for your hands. Take time to soak them in a warm hand-bath.

Connect to the earth by adding flower petals or a few *drops of lavender, pine, or your favorite essential oils.

Gently dry your hands - massage them with winter salve such as soy & beeswax or petroleum to seal in the moisture.

As you perform this ritual, take in the beautiful scents - may they connect you to the earth and sooth your longing for springtime.


*These are suggestions, avoid if you have allergies or other medical conditions. Perform this ritual at your own risk.








Take a moment every day to massage some lotion into your hands


 and thank them for all they do for you and others!




Thanks for stopping by!







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