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Journaling is an important part of the 'shawl' making experience.

We encourage you to keep a 'journal' close-by to

jot down your thoughts and inspirations!


Each month we offer you a different quote and we

invite you to write your reflections in your journal.




"Any dream is made possible by taking the first step. So whenever you want something

the whole universe will conspire for you to get it but, you have to

take the step towards your dream and then you'll be guided…"


Paulo Coelho - On the Road to Santiago de Compostela

With the holiday season upon us, through the hustle and bustle of shopping, making and baking, etc… we forget to take time for ourselves.
Knitting and crocheting can be a great way to capture a moment of solitude and it can offer us time for self reflection.


Thinking about the above quote - what's a dream that you have for 2015?


What steps do you need to take in order to achieve your dream?


Blessings of peace and joy this holiday season ~ Vicky & Janet







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 and thank them for all they do for you and others!




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