My Prayer Shawl


St. Gabriel's Trinity - by Margaret Wilson

Finish size 26" wide x 60 Long (depending on your tension)

Using 4 skeins of slightly thick yarn and size K hook
Chain 55 loosely and turn ( multiples of 3 + 1)

Row 1 SC in the 2nd ch. from hook and in each chain across. Chain 2 & turn = (54 sts ).

Row 2 SC in the SPACE between the 1st and second sc, hdc in next space, dc in next space.
*sc, hdc, dc* in the spaces across the row, ending with dc. Chain 2 & turn

Row 3 SC in the 1st SPACE (between the 1st & 2nd stitches of the previous row) continue in
pattern* across crocheting in the spaces. (under all 3 strands of previous st.) chain 2 &

Repeat Row 3 until desired length (60" ish) = (5 feet)
SC the spaces of the last row
Tie off and add fringe (remember to cut fringe BEFORE finishing shawl)


A note from the author about 'SPACE':

Instead of putting your hook under one or two loops, insert your hook under all 3 loops of the stitch.

By doing this you are actually inserting your hook into a "space" rather than a stitch.
As you stitch along you will soon see that this "space" is between two stitches of the previous row.

This method makes it very easy when using bulky yarns.




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