Designed by Camz Zoglmann, Aiken, SC

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The inspiration for this easy shawl pattern was a desire to further emphasize the Significance of Three's. The "groups of 3 double crochet stitches" serve as a reminder of the many groups who are stitching, praying and presenting prayer shawls as part of this ministry. The shawl is worked using three basic stitches: single crochet, double crochet, and the triple crochet stitch used in the scallops on each end. This pattern solved three major areas of concern: having reverse row ridges on both sides of shawl body; our "forgetting to work that single crochet row, then having to unravel back to work it" tendency; and lastly, our dislike of having to cut all the yarn lengths and to knot them into fringe. The rhythmic flow of the two rows continuously repeating allows each stitcher's mind to center on offering prayers. 

Suggestions for attaching decorations with elimination of fringe on Simple Three's Shawl:
The stitcher may wish to include beads or trinkets. The frequent washing and drying that a shawl may require can damage such items. Attach the decorations using three 14" lengths of yarn knotted with loose loops or 24" lengths tied with "shoelace bows" into any space along the middle to lower neck edge between binding-off-round and groups-of-3-dc stitches of body. This will also help identify the neck edge of the shawl. Leave a few rows of separation between each set of yarn strands on both sides of neck edge. Don't let any decorations hang below the body of shawl into the scalloped area of ends. Both methods for attaching these decorations allow for easy removal of the yarn strands with any attached beads or trinkets while the shawl is being laundered and then will permit their quick reattachment when the clean shawl is again ready for wearing. 
If the stitcher does not wish to include such items, but feels that the wearer might wish to do so, please copy and place this paragraph in the "user kit" which should accompany each shawl as it is presented. This prepared kit should contain extra yarn for repairs and the label from one yarn skein, which will give laundry instructions for the specific type yarn used in the shawl, along with the extra yarn for attachments that the wearer may select.
These methods for any bead and trinket attachments along the neck edge only will place all such decorations within easy reach of the wearer's hands and will place these personal items nearer to the heart of the shawl wearer.

Finished Shawl is 26-27 inches by 70-72 inches; it requires 22-23 ounces of any color 4 ply yarn.

Differences in yarn thickness, hook sizes used, personal tension and the number of "groups of 3 dc" will vary the shawl width. Make sample swatch or measure your shawl width after stitching the second Row 4. If necessary, rework piece to achieve your desired width, minus edging, making adjustments for all the variables before you continue to stitch. You may wish to change hook size or number of chains/groups.

With "K" (or smaller) hook, make foundation of 97 chains for 24 groups of 3 dc stitches; a total of 74 stitches on each Row 3. Chain 1, turn work. 
(Note: foundation is in multiples of 4 chains plus 1. Width can also be adjusted by using 89 chains for 22 
groups with total of 68 dc stitches; or using 93 chains for 23 groups with total of 71 dc stitches in Row 3.) 

Row 1: Work in back loop of chains. Single crochet in first 4 chains, chain 1, skip 1 chain, *work single crochet in next 3 chains, chain 1, skip 1 chain*; repeat from * to * across foundation, end with single crochet in last 4 chains. Chain 1, turn work.

Row 2: Continue with same hook. Sc in first sc of Row 1, *ch 3, skip 3 sc, and sc in ch-1 space of row below*, repeat from * to * across row; end with sc in last sc of Row 1. This is back side of your shawl. Chain 3, turn work. 

Row 3: Switch to "L" (or smaller) hook to stitch balance of shawl body. Now and hereafter on all repeats of Row 3, the turning chain 3 counts as first double crochet of Row. *Work 3 dc stitches in ch-3 space of row below*; repeat from * to * across row; end with dc in top of sc st at the end of previous row. There are 4 dc or 3 dc and tc3 on each end of Row 3. Chain 1, turn work. 

Row 4: Sc in last dc of previous row; *ch 3, skip 3 dc, sc between two groups of 3 dc*; repeat from * to * across row; end with sc between last group of 3 dc and turning chain 3 (1st dc). This is the back side of your shawl. Chain 3, turn work. (Reminder: measure width after working second Row 4; if necessary, adjust for all variables.)

Repeat Row 3 and Row 4 until shawl reaches desired length. Shawl should measure 68 or 69 inches at this point. 
Switch to "K" hook (or hook first used) to finish shawl and work the last repeat of a Row 4. Chain 1, turn work. 
(Note: the ruffled scallops on both ends will add about 3 inches to total length.)

Final Row: Sc in sc st at end of previous row; *3 sc in ch-3 space, ch 1, skip next sc*, repeat from * to * across row; end with sc in sc st at end of previous row. This is the front side of shawl. Do not cut yarn!

Binding Off Round: Continue with "K" (or smaller) hook; chain 1 and mark it as first stitch of Binding Off Round.

First Edge -- Turn work so edge faces you. *Sc into sc at end of last Row 4; work 2 sc sts over last dc of each Row 3 and sc into last sc of each Row 4; repeat from * to * along length; sc into sc at end of Row 2; sc over last stitch at end of Row 1.

First End - Turn work so end faces you; sc, chain 1 in first ch of foundation; *skip next ch; and in the center ch of 3 sc group, work triple crochet stitch, chain 1 three times; skip next ch; sc and chain 1 in ch-1 space*; repeat from * to * across the foundation; end with sc in last chain of foundation.

Second Edge - Turn work so second edge faces you; sc into stitch at end of Row 1; sc into sc at end of Row 2; *work two sc sts over turning ch 3 (1st dc) of each Row 3; sc into sc at end of each Row 4*; and repeat from * to * along length of second edge; sc into sc at end of last Row 4; end with sc into stitch at the end of Final Row.

Second End - Turn work so second end faces you; sc into same st as above of Final Row; ch 1; *skip 1 sc; and in center sc of 3 sc group, work triple crochet stitch, chain 1 three times; skip next sc; sc and chain 1 in the ch-1 space below*; repeat * to * across Final Row; end with skip 1 sc; sc into sc at end of Final Row. 

Slip stitch into marked chain 1 stitch at the beginning of Binding Off Round; leave 5" length of yarn, cut yarn; draw thru loop and tighten. Securely weave this yarn end through the previous stitches of shawl body to conceal yarn end and prevent it unraveling during laundering. 
Stitch your name label at the center of neck edge on the back side of shawl.

May stitching shawls using this pattern always bring you blessings in "groups of three's"! Camz, Jan. 2005



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