Knitted Shawl Patterns




ADDED THREE SHAWL Pattern by: Cindy Kern

Basket Weave Pattern Submission by: Elaine

Creation Shawl- By: Diane Kettlewell, Submitted by: Lorraine Booth Filey Methodist Church - North Yorkshire, England

Dover Gold Star Shawl Cheryl Scallon, St. Julie Billiart Shawl Ministry

Easy Knit Lace Shawl by Jodie Gordon Lucas

Holy Crucifix - Pattern by: Sandy Tieman

How to make a Nursing Shawl and Baby Shawl - By: Janet Severi Bristow 

Lacy Knit Shawl by Jodie Gordon Lucas

Modified K3 - P3 Prayer Shawl Instructions Submitted By: Barb Kurtak

"Knitting a shawl the long way" -By: Janet Severi Bristow

Ordination Stole Submitted by: Patricia J.

Peace Lap Robe - Pattern by: Kitty West

Pink Shawl - Pattern by: Joanne Zabielski

Trinity Stitch Submitted by: Ann G



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